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In this episode, Boston artist Alex Cook (, IG @stonebalancerart, FB @YouarelovedmuralsTW @Alexcookmusic) and I talk about one of my favorite topics, fear. I use to think of fear as the opposite of love because whenever I wanted to do something, fear would creep in. Fear literary stops us from doing what we feel called to do. Alex illustrates how he overcame his fears as a young artist leading him to paint a powerful message “YOU ARE LOVED” all around the world.


Origin Story
00:00 – 6:30

You Are Loved
9:25 – 14:00

How can the mural that I’m working on here make a child feel safe?

Prayer Response:
Why don’t you just say it? Why don’t you just be really direct about the thing that makes people feel safe which is knowing that they are loved.

Love is Strong, Not Weak
14:30 – 19:00

How to Create A Mural on the Wall
19:00 – 25:00

Creative Confidence
25:00 – 28:00

The War of Art
30:00 – 34:00

How to facilitate a Community Art Project
34:00 – 40:00

The Fear of Doing Art
42:00 – 48:00

Do you believe in beauty? 1993 Mazda Hatchback
48:30 – 50:00

The Impact of Alex Cook’s Art
52:00 – 55:00

“I felt like God was speaking directly to me and I decided not to end my life.”
– A Fan of Alex Cook’s Art

Shots of Love
55:40 – 1:00:00

Final Round

Alex’s Definition of Love
1:02- 1:10:00

“Love is not wimpy at all.”


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The topic of love is one that we all struggle with and yet connects us all to each other. Most of our experiences with love have been a mix of pleasurable and agonizing experiences that have either inspired us to lead with our hearts or close off to opportunities to love.

Diving deep and looking within for answers is what the show is all about. These are personal stories, experiences, and perspectives from thought leaders, artists, scholars, spiritual advisors and seekers of love.


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