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Where everyday conversations can just be tainted with superficiality, this show is full of so much depth. This is not your typical show… things get REAL here.
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This show gives us such a refreshing interpretation of love from incredible guests. Joshua is a talented interviewer and has a wonderful knack for evoking depth in his conversations.

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The Spirituality of Performance - Ep. 001

Actor, Director, and Entrepreneur Ciera Payton shares a personal story growing up in New Orleans leading, the vulnerabilities and spirituality of storytelling and openness about her incarcerated father leading to the creation of a solo theatrical performance, Michael’s Daughter.

The Greatness of Heart - Ep. 002

Dr. Patricia Cane, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Capacitar International, an international project of empowerment and solidarity working in over 40 countries. Pat has taught thousands of workshops and trainings in body-­‐ mind-­‐spirit practices in trauma impacted areas such as the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

How to Love Authentically - Ep. 003

Mark Shapiro from challenges us to ask a very simple but powerful question. Are you being real? With yourself in regards to your career, health, relationships, and sexuality. As an authenticity expert and coach Mark and I explore the cross between love and authenticity.

The Magnificience of Love - Ep. 004

I’m here with Actor and Producer Phillip Daniel, known for Daughter of Pop, Incarnation, and The Babymakers. Phillip is overflowing with wisdom and passion for life and love as he opens up on his journey to love.

The Redemptive Power of Love - Ep. 005

In this episode, faith-based educator, youth mentor and life skills coach Harmony Lenise Halley discusses the redemptive power of love and how suffering from domestic violence birthed her spirituality. “Some people aren’t safe but it doesn’t mean you can’t love them.”- Harmony

Do What Makes You Happy - Ep. 006

Actor, Singer, Spoken Word Poet, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Rachael is a joy to be around and comes from so much light and has a deep loving spirit. In this episode we do a reiki demonstration and talk about the one thing we should do in order to experience more love. Tune In.

Love is Being Grateful - Ep. 007

Actor Wesam Keesh shares his gratitude for his Creator of life and family. “It’s not the big moments that defines us, it’s the small moments throughout the day.” Wesam Keesh

Love is, Love Given - Ep. 008

In this episode, Dina Hernandez opens up about her thought processes after being stood up the night before the interview. “At one point I told myself, who does he think he is?!”

Revel With Being Alone - Ep. 009

Erin carries a mental health approach to personal and corporate well being where she helps individuals access and align with their truth through based on her “revel philosophy” including self-compassion, vulnerability, self-care, flexibility, and spirituality.