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Josh interviews Dez’Mon Mega Fair (TW @dezmonomegafair, IG @dezmonomegafair, an interdisciplinary artist and poet. Dez’Mon is pioneering novel sonics which explores the use of long-form soundscape and audio recordings of riddles, prose, poems and chants (Listen on Spotify) We talk about how art can be a form of therapy and a way to process emotions. 

Show Notes (Part 1): 

00:00 – 05:00

Get to know Dez’Mon
05:00 – 10:00

Novel Sonic
10:00 – 12:00

Myth Out Of Mind
12:00 -15:00

A Really Cool Story!
15:00 – 17:00

Using ART as Self-Therapy
17:00 – 30:00

Beauty defined
30:00 -34:00

Vox Populi (Track)
34:00 – 39:00

End of Part 1 of 2 Interview


Do you ever think about your own funeral? What about actually planning your funeral ahead of time? Millennials have been dubbed the “death positive” generation and view death as something beautiful and celebratory. In this episode, Josh interviews a life-only agent Dez’Mon Omega Fair. Also featuring his “novel sonics” (Dez’Mon Omega Fair’s Spotify Channel) throughout the episode.

Show Notes

01:00 – 13:00

Novel Sonics
13:00 – 18:00

Nothing Change (Poem)
18:00 – 26:00

Creative Funerals
26:00 – 27:00

“If there’s a heaven, it’s full of thugs.”

The End is a Begining
30:00 – 32:00

36:00 37:00

At the Cross (Poem)
37:00 – 41:00

Shots of Love
41:00 – 47:00

“Love is on the rise because it has to be.” -Dez’Mon Omega Fair

Connect with Dez’Mon

Listen to more Novel Sonics on Spotify by Dez’Mon Mega Fair and Coleman Moore





Dez'Mon Omega Fair

Dez'Mon Omega Fair

Interdisciplinary Artist and Poet

Dez’Mon is an interdisciplinary artist and poet living in Long Beach, California; whose work explores self-reflection and the cathartic; achieved through brushless watercolor and ink on washi; collaborative documentary film projects, as well as experimental forms of poetry. Dez’Mon pioneers novel sonics, exploring the use of long-form soundscapes and audio recordings of poetry, riddles, prose, and chants. Public performances are set within large-scale immersive installations consisting of figurative watercolor paintings and poesy sourced from abstractions of the heart and emotional histories of the body.


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The topic of love is one that we all struggle with and yet connects us all to each other. Most of our experiences with love have been a mix of pleasurable and agonizing experiences that have either inspired us to lead with our hearts or close off to opportunities to love.

Diving deep and looking within for answers is what the show is all about. These are personal stories, experiences, and perspectives from thought leaders, artists, scholars, spiritual advisors and seekers of love.


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